Internal Communication

All managers like to make the claim that they value their staff, but does that translate into effective internal communication? Most companies, regardless of which part of the world they are in, devote disproportionately more attention and resources to external communication. And this can sometimes backfire, not only in the form of poorer loyalty and performance, but also, potentially, in the form of damage to the company. In today's digital world speculation and criticism can be spread quickly and easily. It is good to communicate with employees on an ongoing basis, and not only at the time of a merger, transformation or restructuring. AMI Communications can lend you a helping hand. We have a number of tools that can improve your relationship with your people: management road shows, company magazines and irregular publications, intranet, regular hotlines or chats with executive managers, motivational competitions, communication get-to-know programmes for employees of merging corporations, out-of-office activities and many more.